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Hey... Flash Producers/Directors.

2008-02-07 16:12:53 by Silent0ath

Hey... mm... i have been thinkin this for awhile... if u guys wan ... a good piece of music in ur Flash videos... or a good soundtrack... i can make it for u guys... even a good background music...

all i wan to kno is the topic the movie script... and most likely the animation... to c where and how should the music come in the script.

i hope some flash producers will like to have some of my soundtracks... cuz i'll make tham fresh and never herd before in Newgounds.

ask any genre u wan which suits ur Flash

plz contact me as soon as possible

Thank You.


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2008-03-01 12:03:26

I don't have flash...yet, but when I get it I'll keep you in mind, your songs are good =), and sound like what I'm looking for.