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Hey... mm... i have been thinkin this for awhile... if u guys wan ... a good piece of music in ur Flash videos... or a good soundtrack... i can make it for u guys... even a good background music...

all i wan to kno is the topic the movie script... and most likely the animation... to c where and how should the music come in the script.

i hope some flash producers will like to have some of my soundtracks... cuz i'll make tham fresh and never herd before in Newgounds.

ask any genre u wan which suits ur Flash

plz contact me as soon as possible

Thank You.

I'M Sick Of This

2008-01-30 18:28:52 by Silent0ath

OK fuck...

i hate when ppl randomly vote good producers low... Ratin Without even listnin to there songs.

especially prodcuers hu work good on their songs and the fuckin haters juss give tham low rates...

like seriously listen to the whole song... mayb u don't like the intro u might like the outro or the breakdown or the fuckin whole song... don't juss think "ok fuck that chorus was bad ZERO" fuckin hate ppl like that... Listen to the song...

Tired of ppl like this.



2008-01-25 13:50:08 by Silent0ath

haha ok ...

i used my frds turn table and my skills wid my programs..

and this knew song is comin soon... Imogen Heap - Hide and seek (D.J.Nix Remix)

its gonna be out soon.


2007-12-27 21:56:47 by Silent0ath

Yea.. i'm waiting for my turntable.... i wan it so bad...

u guys kno i like 2 remix alot and also i'm a D&B guy

so i wan the frigin Table to actually make a good mix.. i work as a DJ as well..

But i have 2 rent the T.Tables.. :(